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Version: 1.0

wash stop

wash stop allows you to stop a component, provider or a host. The user may specify if they want to stop a component or a provider and pass the OCI reference of that entity to the command. To specify a host to stop the component or provider, pass the host ID using the --host-id flag. Following are the available subcommads:

  • component
  • provider
  • host


Stop a component running in a host


wash stop component <host-id> <component-id>


Stop a provider running in a host


wash stop provider <host-id> <component-id> <link-name> <contract-id>


Purge and stop a running host. You may pass the --host-timeout flag to specify the time to give the host for a graceful shutdown. By default it is 2000 ms.


wash stop host <host-id>


The following options can be used for all subcommands of wash stop.

--output (Alias -o) Specify output format (text or json) [default: text]

--ctl-host (Alias -r) CTL Host for connection, defaults to for local nats [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_HOST=]

--experimental Whether or not to enable experimental features [env: WASH_EXPERIMENTAL=]

--ctl-port (Alias -p) CTL Port for connections, defaults to 4222 for local nats [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_PORT=]

--ctl-jwt JWT file for CTL authentication. Must be supplied with ctl_seed [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_JWT]

--ctl-seed Seed file or literal for CTL authentication. Must be supplied with ctl_jwt [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_SEED]

--ctl-credsfile Credsfile for CTL authentication. Combines ctl_seed and ctl_jwt. See for details [env: WASH_CTL_CREDS]

--js-domain JS domain for wasmCloud control interface. Defaults to None [env: WASMCLOUD_JS_DOMAIN]

--lattice-prefix (Alias -x) Lattice name for wasmCloud control interface, defaults to "default" [env: WASMCLOUD_LATTICE_PREFIX=]

--timeout-ms (Alias -t) Timeout length to await a control interface response, defaults to 2000 milliseconds [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_TIMEOUT_MS=] [default: 2000]

--context Path to a context with values to use for CTL connection and authentication

--skip-wait By default, the command will wait until the component/provider has been started. If this flag is passed, the command will return immediately after acknowledgement from the host, without waiting for the provider to start. If this flag is omitted, the timeout will be adjusted to 30 seconds to account for provider download times and 5 seconds to account for component download times.