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Build applications in any language.
Deploy them anywhere.

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Declarative WebAssembly Orchestration

Write your application as a declarative set of WebAssembly components. Deploy your application to any cloud, edge, or IoT device with a single command.

A message bus connecting multiple wasmCloud hosts

Seamless Distributed Networking

Using NATS, wasmCloud hosts cluster together across disparate clouds and infrastructure, distributing your apps with a single flat topology without ever opening a single firewall port. Clusters self-form and self-heal to automatically enable load balancing and failover without building it into your app.

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Vendorless Application Components

wasmCloud WebAssembly components are completely vendorless and don't tie you to any platform, cloud, or proprietary implementation. Swap out implementations and change your underlying infrastructure at any time without changing your application code.

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wasmCloud Security Assessment

"WasmCloud is a well reviewed project, with lots of diligence in its security posture. This has paid off, as evidenced by this audit, which had no severe or high issues to resolve."