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wash completions

Shell completions for wash commands can be enabled with the use of wash completions. This feature will help you to easily navigate the CLI interface as it will recommend auto-completions for wash subcommands. Currently, shell completions can be generated for the following supported shell types:

  • zsh
  • bash
  • fish
  • powershell

Instructions for setting up completions for specific shells can be found after running the command or by visiting this URL.


wash commpletions zsh
wash commpletions bash
wash commpletions fish
wash commpletions powershell


--dir (Alias -d) Output directory for the generated completions (Defaults to current directory)

--output (Alias -o) Specify output format (text or json) [default: text]

--experimental Whether or not to enable experimental features [env: WASH_EXPERIMENTAL=]