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wash build

wash build enables you to build and sign custom wasmCloud entities like actors, providers, or interfaces. You can bring in your own project containing some business logic and build these entities by simply providing the path to the project or its associated wasmcloud.toml file. The built artifact is signed using automatically generated keys. Alternatively, you may use your own keys to sign the build.


wash build -p path/to/wasmcloud.toml

Custom build commands

In wasmcloud.toml, the build_command field can specify a custom build command to run "under the hood" of wash build. This enables extended language support through any component toolchain that compiles to WASI 0.2. The example below uses componentize-py to generate a Python-based component:

name = "PythonExample"
language = "python"
type = "actor"
version = "0.1.0"

build_command = "componentize-py -d ../../wit -w wasi:http/proxy@0.2.0 componentize app -o http.wasm"
build_artifact = "http.wasm"
destination = "http_s.wasm"

If you use the build_command field, you must also specify the build_artifact: the Wasm artifact that will be produced by the build command. This provides wash build with a target for signing the artifact. You can use the destination field to specify a filename and location for the signed artifact.


The build_command field does not have full support for environment variables or multiple commands and should be in the form of "command arg1 arg2 arg...". Use an external script to handle more complex build commands.


--output (Alias -o) Specify output format (text or json) [default: text]

--config-path (Alias -p) Path to the wasmcloud.toml file or parent folder to use for building

--experimental Whether or not to enable experimental features [env: WASH_EXPERIMENTAL]

--keys-directory Location of key files for signing. Defaults to $WASH_KEYS ($HOME/.wash/keys) [env: WASH_KEYS]

--issuer (Alias -i) Path to issuer seed key (account). If this flag is not provided, the seed will be sourced from $WASH_KEYS ($HOME/.wash/keys) or generated for you if it cannot be found [env: WASH_ISSUER_KEY]

--subject (Alias -s) Path to subject seed key (module or service). If this flag is not provided, the seed will be sourced from $WASH_KEYS ($HOME/.wash/keys) or generated for you if it cannot be found [env: WASH_SUBJECT_KEY]

--disable-keygen Disables autogeneration of keys if seed(s) are not provided

--build-only Skip signing the artifact and only use the native toolchain to build