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wash link

This command will assist you to add remove and query all the links in the lattice. Following are the subcommands available in wash link:

  • query
  • put
  • del


Queries all the links in the lattice. Links persist in the lattice even if the associated actor or provider are stopped.


wash link query


Adds a link definition in the lattice associated with an actor and provider and having an associated contract. If you want to name the link, you may pass a value to the --link-name flag. Be default, the link name is "default".


wash link put <actor-id> <provider-id> <contract-id>


Deletes a link definition in the lattice. If it is named other than "default" the link name can be passed to the --link-name flag.


wash link del <actor-id> <contract-id>


These options can be used for all of the wash link subcommands.

--output (Alias -o) Specify output format (text or json) [default: text]

--ctl-host (Alias -r) CTL Host for connection, defaults to for local nats [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_HOST=]

--experimental Whether or not to enable experimental features [env: WASH_EXPERIMENTAL=]

--ctl-port (Alias -p) CTL Port for connections, defaults to 4222 for local nats [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_PORT=]

--ctl-jwt JWT file for CTL authentication. Must be supplied with ctl_seed [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_JWT]

--ctl-seed Seed file or literal for CTL authentication. Must be supplied with ctl_jwt [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_SEED]

--ctl-credsfile Credsfile for CTL authentication. Combines ctl_seed and ctl_jwt. See for details [env: WASH_CTL_CREDS]

--js-domain JS domain for wasmCloud control interface. Defaults to None [env: WASMCLOUD_JS_DOMAIN]

--lattice-prefix (Alias -x) Lattice name for wasmCloud control interface, defaults to "default" [env: WASMCLOUD_LATTICE_PREFIX=]

--timeout-ms (Alias -t) Timeout length to await a control interface response, defaults to 2000 milliseconds [env: WASMCLOUD_CTL_TIMEOUT_MS=] [default: 2000]

--context Path to a context with values to use for CTL connection and authentication