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Version: 1.0

2024 Q2 Roadmap


This roadmap page is a snapshot of the current state of the project. It is not a guarantee of future direction or features. It is a living document and will change as the project evolves. You can view the most current version of this roadmap on GitHub Projects.

The 2024 Q2 Roadmap was brainstormed and planned in the 01 May 2024 community meeting. Thank you to all who attended, commented, and contributed to making this roadmap community-driven.


Looking back at our 2024 Q1 roadmap, we accomplished our goals to leverage WebAssembly and cloud-native standards to their fullest for the wasmCloud project. Now that we're completely OTEL observable and our WebAssembly components and providers can communicate completely using wRPC, with WIT as the interface language, we can build our goals as a standards-based application platform. For this roadmap, we're emphasizing testing and debugging for building Wasm components, adding new features to expand the use cases wasmCloud supports, and improving our experience as an application platform.

  1. Provide a seamless developer experience for building, testing, and deploying WebAssembly components.
  2. Support additional use cases in wasmCloud like pluggable secrets, long-running workloads and PostgreSQL connections.
  3. Enable platform engineers to administer wasmCloud with extensible applications, scheduled or orchestrated with platforms like Nomad or Kubernetes in existing environments.
  4. Enable developers to build features without vendor lock-in, platform specific dependencies, or language constraints.


wasmCloud as a project offers the following top features:

  1. Declarative WebAssembly Orchestration
  2. Seamless Distributed Networking
  3. Vendorless Application Components
  4. Completely OTEL Observable
  5. Defense-In-Depth Security By Default


The wasmCloud 1.0 roadmap heavily focused on stabilization of APIs, adoption of core WebAssembly and cloud-native standards, and reworking our RPC layer to natively transmit WebAssembly Interface Types with wRPC. With a platform based on common standards and designed for extensibility, we can now support additional use cases and build on top of 1.0. As brainstormed in the May 01 community call, we created a diagram of grouped tasks for this quarter's roadmap.

Notable issues and RFCs to watch out for, which garnered the most attention during planning:

  1. Long-running wasmCloud workloads
  2. Pluggable secrets management
  3. Golang provider SDK
  4. Zero-to-Twelve factor wasmCloud applications documentation
  5. wasmcloud:postgres


The diagram below shows a loose organization of critical tasks into 3 sections: Documentation, New Features and Improvements. This roadmap is unordered as each individual task can be completed indepedently, so no rigid order is necessary. The diagram is also not exhaustive, as there a few smaller tasks that are not included. You can view the full-size version here. This roadmap is also available as a GitHub Project for consistent updating.

Q2 2024 Roadmap


We welcome all contributors to the wasmCloud project, and we'd love to have help to accomplish our goals. If you're interested in contributing, please see our Contributing Guide for more information, and come join us on Slack to chat with the team and other community members. We try to mark issues that are good for new contributors with the good first issue label, so look out for those for well scoped issues that are a good place to start. We also host weekly community meetings that are open to all, where we can discuss aspects of the roadmap.