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wasmCloud and Kubernetes

wasmCloud is compatible with, but not dependent on, Kubernetes. We think the future of WebAssembly is bright, and we also know there are plenty of systems already running in Kubernetes.

Official wasmCloud Helm Chart

To make it easy to try out wasmCloud and/or integrate it with existing deployments, wasmCloud publishes an official Helm chart.

To get started quickly and see usage examples, read the "Running the Chart" guide on the chart README.

For a complete listing of configuration for the Helm chart, jump straight to the values.yaml.

Kubernetes Service Applier

Cosmonic has open sourced a basic connector that enables bridging services running in Kubernetes with services running in wasmCloud.

The interface, provider, and actor can be found at on Github under cosmonic/kubernetes-applier.

Check out the project's documentation for a complete example architecture and instructions on how to run it.