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Version: 0.82

Provisioning a Lattice

All wasmCloud hosts are segmented into distinct namespaces called lattices.

When running locally with wash up, the lattice name defaults to default. In production, it's common to run multiple lattices on the same NATS cluster, where each lattice gets its own name.

From a provisioning perspective, a lattice is little more than:

  • a name(space)
  • NATS subject hierarchies based off the namespace: (wasmbus.ctl.{lattice-id}.>, wasmbus.rpc.{lattice-id}.>, wasmbus.evt.{lattice-id}.>, etc.)
  • lattice metadata, which is stored in JetStream as a LATTICEDATA_{lattice-id} Key Value bucket
  • lattice cluster keys
  • one or more running hosts

The following guides explain how to create and manage each of these components.