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Using Bindle with wasmCloud

Bindles can be used with both wash and the wasmCloud Dashboard. To use a bindle instead of an OCI image, simply preface the bindle ID with bindle:// and the host will attempt to download the provider or actor using Bindle.

For example:

$ wash ctl start provider bindle://

Configuring Bindle

Unlike OCI images, Bindle IDs do not contain their hosting server (i.e. Currently you can only configure 1 bindle server for a host. To configure the host to use a specific bindle server, the following environment variables are available when starting a wasmCloud host:

BINDLE_URLThe base URL of the Bindle server to connect to. Please note that this must be a full URL with the base path (e.g., most Bindle servers mount the API at a particular version path). Defaults to http://localhost:8080/v1
BINDLE_TOKENA static token (generally for a service account) to use for authentication. If this is set it will take precedence over HTTP basic auth
BINDLE_USER_NAMEThe username to use for HTTP basic auth. If this is set, then BINDLE_PASSWORD must be set as well
BINDLE_PASSWORDThe password to use for HTTP basic auth. This will be ignored if BINDLE_USER_NAME is not set