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Version: 1.0


To test a provider, we can run it in a local wasmCloud environment, interacting with a real host and real components. To set up the environment:

  1. Start a new local OCI registry. You can download the Docker Compose YAML file and run docker compose up -d registry. You'll also need to allow unauthenticated OCI registry access before starting the wasmCloud host.

  2. Upload the newly-created provider archive to the local OCI registry (You can use wash push ..., or if you have one of the provider project Makefiles, make push) make start to start it.

  3. Upload a component that utilizes the provider to the local OCI registry (wash build from the component source folder to compile it, sign it, and then use wash reg push to upload it to the registry). Then, use wash start to start the actor from the local registry.

  4. Link the component in your Wadm manifest.

  5. Invoke the component.

To see an example of this, refer to the create section for capability providers.