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Version: 1.0


Providers are executable host plug-ins—stateful, standalone processes that fulfill non-functional requirements for stateless components. For a high-level introduction to providers and why you might want to build one, see Providers in the Concepts section.

Here, you can learn how to build your own provider. We'll walk you through implementing your own messaging provider for NATS, and you can use the same process to implement a capability provider using standard interfaces like wasi:http, wasi:keyvalue, wasi:blobstore, and wasmcloud:messaging.

We'll work through the following steps:

  • Create: Create a new messaging provider from a template using wash and implement the wasmcloud:messaging interface.
  • Build: Compile the provider artifact.
  • Test: Test the provider in a local wasmCloud environment.
  • Publish: Publish the provider to an OCI registry.