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2024-04-17 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO and DISCUSSION: A very special update from your friendly, neighbourhood wasmCloud maintainers!
    • Community kudos...a big thank you
  • NEW CONTRIBUTION: Add neovim syntax highlighting

Meeting Notes

  • Brooks reviewed the wasmCloud 1.0 roadmap—all items are complete!

  • Bugs and minor issues are all tackled. So live on the call, Brooks bumped wash and wasmCloud to 1.0. 🎆

  • After celebrating the 1.0 release, Brooks showed liamwh's recent contribution to the wasmCloud docs, adding his neovim extension for WIT syntax highlighting to the Useful WebAssembly Tools page.

  • Brooks also pointed out Bailey's RFC for implementing a Postgres interface. Bailey explained the thinking behind the proposal, including taking a declarative approach (rather than using sockets in a POSIX-style approach) and allowing developers to use the implementation-specific syntax required in the world of SQL databases.

  • In the future, it'll be great to think about how to socialize third-party interfaces and providers! Bailey noted that providers are essentially wasmCloud host plug-ins, so it's easy for people to build their own.