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2024-04-10 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO & DISCUSSION: wasmCloud 1.0 Showcase
  • DISCUSSION: 1.0 Release Candidate: call for testing

Meeting Notes

  • DISCUSSION: wasmCloud 1.0 Showcase

  • In today’s session we show off all the goodness coming down the line in wasmCloud 1.0.

  • In his demo, Brooks shows how we’ve made some significant changes to the wasmCloud QuickStart: take a look and watch the recording to learn what’s new and improved.

  • There are some serious performance changes across wasmCloud—feels really snappy and responsive.

  • What’s great to see is component support become real, live in wasmCloud. Again, recommend reviewing the demo—there’s only so much we can express in notes.

  • Scale and distribute section will be particularly interesting to many:

    • We know that we can scale components and connect wasmCloud in a distributed way.
    • We can now distribute wasmCloud hosts globally, scheduled in Wadm, no matter where our applications need to run. Take a look at our docs which show you how to do this!
  • There was a wide-ranging discussion during this section which we recommend checking out.

  • DISCUSSION: 1.0 Release Candidate: call for testing

  • Everything we see in the previous demo uses the latest release version of wash in the new wasmCloud quickstart.

  • Direct link to installation which outlines status on individual elements.

  • There are a ton of small fixes that we’re working on that we identified when testing quickstart but we are pretty much ready to unveil the latest release candidate.

  • We really need you to take a look and test the release!

  • If you have existing workloads to migrate to 1.0, this is a really good moment to do this.

  • Recommend using wash-cli v0.27.0-alpha.2 to test this release as it includes all new client libraries, tools, and pins to 1.0 rc.1.

  • The goals is to make sure we don’t have breaking changes or new features we want to add.

  • Calling out specifically the updates to the WASI key-value interface that make it nicer to use on the components side. This will also make it easier on our end; removing the need to to adapt to a new interface when things change.

  • Taylor also gives a fantastic summary on the wasi-cloud side of things; interface is now more cleanly-named and has documentation guarantees. Recommend watching his presentation.

    • No additional dependencies - simplification and ease of use.

Where we’ll be…

April 12 Joonas will present at KCD Texas this Friday at 4.30pm—take a look at the agenda for the details on his talk: Closing The Gap: Extending Kubernetes from Cloud to Edge with WebAssembly. April 16 - 18 Taylor will present at Open Source Summit NA. Check out his talk: Mind the Gap Between the Future and the Present taking place 16th April, 12:15pm - 12:55pm PT. If you’re going to be there, let him know. June 24 - 25 We’ll be at WasmCon in Seattle in force. This was a great event last year and so we urge you to get in touch if you have an interesting use case to share on stage. The talk deadline has passed but the committee is always interested in cool deployment stories.

Listen in…

  • The CNCF and Bytecode Alliance came together on CNCF Cloud Native Live for an interesting discussion on WASI 0.2 the Component Model and the role of the BA in driving forward Wasm standards and tooling.
  • Cloud Native Wasm Day recordings are now live! Great to see the wasmCloud community on stage!
  • Bailey joined Matt Butcher and industry analyst Dustin Kirkland on theCube (SiliconAngle) during KubeCon + CloudNativeCon to talk all things WebAssembly, take a look.
  • Check out the Arm Developer Podcast where Bailey and Liam discussed the intersection of Wasm and GPU technologies.
  • Cosmonic CTO Bailey Hayes met Chris Matteson (Fermyon) and Oscar Spencer (F5 NGINX) on the panel at the latest Kubernetes meetup in New York. They explored the Wasm what’s, why’s, standards and considerations when adoption. The recording is live!
  • Listen in to the last WasmEdge community meeting where Bailey Hayes talks all things WASI 0.2 and we hear from the students of the University of Tokyo on some cool new projects.
  • Bailey was a guest on a recent Rancher Live podcast with Divya Mohan. Tune in for a deep dive into WASI 0.2!