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2024-02-21 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: What’s new in 0.82?
  • DISCUSSION: Calling all community members; please try 0.82 for yourselves. We'd love your feedback
  • DISCUSSION: Roadmap check-in

Meeting Notes

DEMO: What’s new in 0.82?

  • We have some lovely new features coming in 0.82. Shout out to Eric Gregory for his blog that shares all the detail.
  • Full and stable support for WASI 0.2 is here and ready for 1.0. All the APIs in WASI 0.2 are pinned in this version.
  • This brings a certain level of stability as with 0.2 we have the opportunity to build with future standards—adapting APIs from one version to the next.
  • Stable base for building with components.
  • Quality of life developments- bug fixes and improvements. Lots of detail in the blog around what’s changing and reviewing where we are on the road to wasmCloud 1.0.
  • Call out: 0.82 is the release where using was modules in the wasmbus rpc protocol becomes officially deprecated. It still works but we’re encouraging folks to start with components — especially as they can do it in multiple languages. Python, Typescript, Rust, TinyGo, JS. In fact, any language that supports components.
  • Take a look at the Quickstart which has been updated with the latest component tooling - there are no wasmCloud dependencies.
  • Take a look at the recording for a couple of demos on specific enhancements to the user experience.
  • Thanks to all of you that are contributing, commenting and building!

IMPORTANT: Calling all community members; please try 0.82 for yourselves. We'd love your feedback

DISCUSSION: Roadmap check-in

  • Huge amount of progress in the wRPC project thanks to Roman and Victor.
  • Swarming on the wasmCloud host right now.
  • We are planning on making changes to wasmCloud host and testing suite.
  • If you are working on a feature in wasmCloud and are concerned we might cause issues by modifying, please reach out.
  • There is more in progress than we have in the backlog!
  • Metrics and defining interfaces are the latest tasks to be complete.
  • wRPC is the last major feature:
    • Pinning our WITS to 1.0
    • Adding a couple of events
  • If you’re keen to contribute, the drop deprecated wasmbus lattice first issue is a really good one to contribute to.


  • Colin: Fuzzing (send random bits and see if it creates fatal errors).
    • Fuzzing in rust unless you want to stand up the entire wasmCoud host every time, it’s hard to call a specific function without standing everything up.
    • Limitations of macros on top of macros.
    • Mock All - most commonly used.
    • Anyone have any familiarity mocking/fuzzing in Rust?
  • Bailey: The layer you’re fuzzing is important, and the point at which you choose to report bugs.
  • Check out the recording for the full discussion.

Where we’ll be… February 22 Bailey will be a guest on the Rancher Live podcast with Divya Mohan. Tune in for a deep dive into WASI 0.2.0! March 14 - 15 We’ll be at WASM I/O in Barcelona which really is becoming a highlight event. Be sure to say Hi if you’re there and get your tickets early. March 19 - 22 We’ll also be in Paris for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024 and Cloud Native Wasm Day plus a host of other co-located events. The schedules are live! April 16 - 18 Taylor will present at Open Source Summit NA. Check out his talk: Mind the Gap Between the Future and the Present taking place 16th April, 12:15pm - 12:55pm PT.

Listen in…

  • Check out the Arm Developer Podcast where Bailey and Liam discussed the intersection of Wasm and GPU technologies.
  • Cosmonic CTO Bailey Hayes met Chris Matteson (Fermyon) and Oscar Spencer (F5 NGINX) on the panel at the latest Kubernetes meetup in New York. - - They explored the Wasm what’s, why’s, standards and considerations when adoption. The recording is live!
  • Listen in to the last WasmEdge community meeting where Bailey Hayes talks all things WASI 0.2.0 and we hear from the students of the University of Tokyo on some cool projects.