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2024-01-10 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: Typescript hello world in wasmCloud
  • DISCUSSION: Roadmap check-in
  • DISCUSSION: Formalize control interface RFC

Meeting Notes

Welcome to community members Victor Lu and Michael Morris!

DEMO: Typescript hello world in wasmCloud

  • Thank you Victor for this awesome demo! Victor has created a way to run a Typescript hello world Wasm component in wasmCloud. Similar to those in Rust and Go - now in Typescript!
  • We’re using the jco and componentize-js toolchains from the Bytecode Alliance. These toolchains help us build an actor component that works in wasmCloud.
  • This works with wasmCloud 0.81 out of the box so you can try it now.
  • The PR (going live soon) shows the Typescript code which is really similar to the other hello world examples we have.
  • It’s pretty neat that when we generate from WIT we use the wit-bindgen toolchain so that we get similar, familiar functions and primitives, regardless of the language we’re working in.
  • This continues us on the journey to greater language interoperability and the vision we have for wasmCloud. Instead of working with wasi-http primitives where we write the code and set the status, we can simply use the language toolchain and http handler of choice for Typescript and JS, using the fetch API. This is the ultimate goal.
  • Check out the recording to see what it looks like and try it for yourself! (You will need wash and npm installed).
  • CTA, if you like working in a different language to those we’re focusing on let us know!
  • Our new contributor Nik also shows something fresh from a wasmCloud site design pov (check out the recording).


Bailey. Are we yet able to develops for a language we don’t yet support?

DISCUSSION: Roadmap check-in

  • The roadmap can be found in wasmCloud docs.
  • Many of the new RFCs are in ‘ready for work’ so take a look to see what’s ready for contribution.
  • Most of the open RFCs do not have interdependencies and so we’re close to completing most of them. We have some major tasks to complete where other maintainers in the community are completing issues.
  • We have been really successful in defining all our interfaces with WIT, transitioning over from Smithy. Capability Providers for WIT also moving along rapidly — almost complete.
  • Host metrics RFC — implementing the 3 diff OTEL pillars. We already have traces exported, logs are in place but just need to be exported, and metrics will be implemented which will let us release 1.0 with each of the OTEL observability elements.

DISCUSSION: Formalize control interface RFC

  • One of the more significant updates contained in this RFC.
  • Standardizing the topic format for the control interface which creates a better user experience for interaction via the NATS API.
  • This is a pretty large set of breaking changes as this is the protocol that wash and wadm use to communicate.
  • Likely to be primarily internal changes, but watch out for notes on transitioning from one to the other.

UPDATE: WASI Preview 2 (0.2.0)

  • The Wasm CG SubGroup vote (to agree the finalization of 0.2.0) will be delayed by 2 weeks to allow the 2nd reference implementation to be completed. We’ll share updates in due course.

Where we’ll be…

January 12 - 14 Liam will be at Schmoocon in Washington in his capacity as CNCF Ambassador - if you’re there, do seek him out.

January 18 Bailey and Liam will join the folks over at ARM for their regular Innovation Coffee Podcast, run by the ARM Software Developers team. We’ll be looking at the intersection of Wasm and CPU technology at 4:20pm ET on the 18th.

January 23 Bailey will join, Chris Matteson (Fermyon) and Oscar Spencer (F5 NGINX) on the panel at the next Kubernetes meetup in New York. We’ll explore the Wasm what’s, why’s, standards, and considerations on adoption.

March 14 - 15 We’ll be at WASM I/O in Barcelona which really is becoming a highlight event. Be sure to say Hi if you’re there and get your tickets early.

March 19 - 22 We’ll also be in Paris for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024 and Cloud Native Wasm Day. We’ll publish the schedules when they are released.

As always, there was plenty of additional discussion (including an interesting question on security from Victor Lu) not captured above and so watch the recording below for the full download.