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2024-01-03 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • Happy New Year! Plans and activities for the next few weeks.
  • Updates from the wider Wasm community.

Meeting Notes

Update: Plans and Activities for the Next Few Weeks

  • Happy New Year to all! We hope you enjoyed some time out.
  • We are marching towards wasmCloud 1.0 and there are a ton of open RFCs that we’re encouraging folks to get involved in! Take a look.
  • We released wasmCloud with Wasmtime 16 last week - v0.81.0 - that means we have a release that capitalizes on WIT definitions and that now includes the latest release candidates for wasi-cli and wasi-http
  • Bailey is “prettttttty” sure Wasmtime 16 and the latest release candidates are the final rc’s for WASI Preview 2 - 0.2.0!

Update: Wider Wasm Community

On the wider tooling and standards front, the folks in the Bytecode Alliance and Wasm subgroup have been busy getting WASI Preview 2 - 0.2.0 - ready for the January 11th WebAssembly CG subgroup vote.

  • There are a few final elements to complete - sockets for the second reference implementation in JCO, for example.
  • The big news is we now have the 2nd reference implementation (JCO) nearly ready with an implementation in wasi-filesystem.
  • The subgroup vote will take place on January 11th. If there is remaining work to meet the conformance tests in JCO, then the following vote will happen two weeks after January 11th. Either way, we are confident WASI Preview 2 will launch in January.


Sambath: I have a question, regarding capability provider to support multiple contracts! will that possible? (welcome to the call, Sambath!)

  • Support for multiple contracts we are working on it - we have a couple of fresh RFCs in the works which you are welcome to contribute to.
  • Your interest in this is with Websocket support right? We want to support this.

Justin: I'm curious how folks are handling the various driver woes on the hardware?

  • The way wasi-nn works you define the driver - hence issues of portability. The original wasi-nn API was designed for WASI Preview 1.
  • The question is whether there is something we can do with higher level APIs in Preview 2? This is for investigation in the coming weeks.
  • Justin: “Yeah I think the root problem really is at the feet of GPU manufacturers with their various brittle workloads and sensitivity to local libraries and driver versions. I've been sitting in on the wasi-nn sig meetings lately to see what they're coming up with that might address that.”

Watch Out For…

January 12 - 14 Liam will be at Schmoocon in Washington in his capacity as CNCF Ambassador - if you’re there, do seek him out.

January 18 Bailey and Liam will join the folks over at ARM for their regular Innovation Coffee Podcast, run by the ARM Software Developers team. We’ll be looking at the intersection of Wasm and CPU technology at 4:20 pm ET on the 18th.

March 14 - 15 We’ll be at WASM I/O in Barcelona which really is becoming a highlight event. Be sure to say Hi if you’re there and get your tickets early.

March 19 - 22 We’ll also be in Paris for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024 and Cloud Native Wasm Day. We’ll publish the schedules when they are released.

As always, there was plenty of additional discussion not captured above and so you can watch the recording below.