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2023-12-13 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: Inspecting component wit with wash inspect
  • DISCUSSION: wasmCloud 1.0 Roadmap

Meeting Notes


DEMO: inspecting component wit with wash inspect

  • wasm community tooling: wasm-tools component wit ./foo_s.component.wasm
  • wash inspect --wit [artifact] will now do the same!
    • uses wasmparser library under the hood (just like wasm-tools)
  • this is part of incremental support for components in wash
    • coming soon: validating imports/exports before runtime invocation
  • advanced components functionality will be left to wasm-tools

DISCUSSION: wasmCloud 1.0 Roadmap

  • the roadmap link will be updated regularly
    • this is a living document
  • wasmCloud has been using "Now", "Next", "Later" to convey priority
  • moving forward, we will use numbered milestones: "1.0", "1.1", "1.2", "2.0", etc.
  • incremental improvements are always welcome and don't need to wait for a specify milestone (as long as they're not breaking changes)
  • wasmCloud's goals remain the same:
    • seamless devX
    • avoid vendor lock-in
    • leverage as many Wasm standards as possible
    • leverage cloud-native standards where possible
  • 1.0 milestone split into three primary categories
    • stabilization of APIs (RPC, events, control interface, etc.)
    • Wasm standards (WASI P2 wit deps, wasmtime 16, componentized examples & docs)
    • core wasmCloud functionality (multiple versions of entities, OTEL metrics, secrets management, etc.)
  • most of the remaining work can be parallelized
    • check for the good first issue label if you're new and want to contribute!
  • some existing functionality (e.g. modules, current APIs) will be deprecated in 1.0, but support will remain until 2.0