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2023-11-22 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: wash CLI human updates, removing the need for 56 character IDs for most commands
  • DISCUSSION: Wasmtime 15

Meeting Notes

DEMO: wash CLI human-friendly updates, removing the need for 56 character IDs for most commands

  • We have adjusted some features that have bugged us (especially Taylor!) for ages.
  • We made some changes to the developer experience which should make the experience much more enjoyable.
  • The CLI used to rely on 56 character public keys all over the place, on the CLI they are easily copyable but not memorable. Now, it's a lot simpler.
  • How? We can now match the human-friendly names of hosts, actors and the call aliases of actors.
  • What this means is we auto-provide the IDs with the use of prompts so we no longer need to hunt for them. Note: we can't yet match on the OCI reference yet but we can on naming.
  • In this model, nearly every control interface operation becomes a whole lot easier.
  • Coming in wash 0.24.0

DISCUSSION: Wasmtime 15

  • Congratulations to the Bytecode Alliance for the release of Wasmtime 15. You can read the full blog on the Bytecode Alliance blog:
  • Many major releases but this is the most major. This officially marks what the BA folks are calling the first full implementation of the Component Model in WASI-Preview 2 - the core reference model complete with WITs, Worlds and all the things.
  • We already have support for Wasmtime 15! Thanks to Roman getting this over the line today.
  • We want to get our docs and examples updated before we cut a release but this will happen shortly.
  • Bailey highlighted the sheer number of people have contributed.
  • This is the most battle-tested runtime out there (apart from Spidermonkey, perhaps).
  • Bailey and the BA team will be celebrating on the Bytecode Alilance Community stream next week - you can join here
  • What's next? We are hoping the WASI-Preview 2 and the Component Model will land before the end of the year. What's left is to finalize is the 2nd reference implementation with jco running in NodeJS. Looking good - fingers crossed.

We had a much wider discussion amongst the community members and so check out the recording for more.