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2023-11-15 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


Meeting Notes

  • The recordings for Cloud Native Wasm Day NA 2023 are here! Check out the playlist here:
  • We have a bunch of new control interface topics/features that we'd like to discuss. We'd like to get some feedback on them before we merge them into main.
    • First up is the ability to adjust labels on actors. This is a feature that both allows for scheduling (letting wadm make scheduing decisions) and for features like drain/cordon/lame duck mode.
      • There is a possible security concern, but Kevin pointed out that other tech like Kubernetes doesn't have an answer to this either. There could be other edge cases
    • Next is the ability to configure an actor at runtime.
      • Brings up the thorny question about stateless actors
      • There are two different problems: With a getter (how it is currently implemented), an actor could store the state in a static variable and then will be out of sync if the config changes. With a setter, you could get a race condition where some actors could start, a config change could occur, and then some actors could get the new config. It also means that the actor has to be able to handle the config change as it comes in and then probably store that config.
    • We also have lame duck mode, which was mostly covered in the discussion around labels
    • Lastly, we have dynamic log levels. This is a feature that allows for a host's logging level to be changed at runtime.
  • Component model is getting very close! We're just waiting for JCO to finish its implementation as well as a little bit of work in other repos