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2023-11-08 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • UPDATE: Reporting live from KubeCon CloudNativeCon NA, Chicago!

Meeting Notes

UPDATE: Reporting live from KubeCon CloudNativeCon NA 2023, Chicago!

  • This week we’re reporting live from Chicago where we’re attending the North American leg of KubeCon CloudNativeCon. It’s been a great week so far and we’ve collected a good fanbase of wasmCloud enthusiasts in just a couple of days.
  • Our meeting is being streamed from the CNCF & Linux Foundation Project Pavilion where all the open source graduated projects are based - it’s a cool place to be - if you’re here, don’t forget to drop in.
  • Cloud Native Wasm Day took place on Monday and was full of fantastic presentations from across the ecosystem. We pulled together a handy summary of all the talks, and our must-watch highlights, take a look.
  • There are 3 killer talks that shouldn’t be missed. One of our favourites was Bailey’s talk with Kate Goldenring at Fermyon. This covered everything you could wish to know about the Component Model and its core benefits to developers.
  • Cloud Native Wasm Day and KubeCon session recordings will be available soon, so we’ll let you know when they appear.
  • As we’re at KubeCon there’s, naturally, a lot of focus on Kubernetes use cases. We’ve many folks interested in the intersection of Wasm and K8s. Many are still discovering Wasm and so we’ve had some good discussions and interesting questions raised.
  • Recommended reading: Towards Modern Development of Cloud Applications, White Paper by Sanjay Ghemawat, Robert Grandl, Srdjan Petrovic, Michael Whittaker et al.
  • This interesting research paper shares many of the ideals that wasmCloud embodies and is well worth a read.
  • FYI: Submissions for KubeCon EU are open - we encourage you to get your entries in. The wasmCloud team loves being on stage with community members and users so let us know if you’d like to collaborate!

If you’re at #KubeConNA23, don't forget to visit us at booth M21 and at the CNCF wasmCloud booth in the Projects Pavilion.