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2023-09-13 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: Running Rust and TinyGo WebAssembly components in wasmCloud
  • DISCUSSION: Check-in on the witify milestone

Meeting Notes

  • DEMO: Running Rust and TinyGo WebAssembly Components in wasmCloud
    • We wanted to demo some of the projects we're most proud of coming out of WasmCon, and this is definitely one of them.
    • During the workshop we had 2 intro wasmCloud actors. The cool thing - these were Wasm Components instead of Wasm modules. One is written in Rust and the other in TinyGo.
    • This is important because these components were built using wit and wit-bindgen and do not include wasmCloud SDKs or dependencies!
    • We still sign the wasm component but we also have the Wasm toolchain and the subcommands component to pull the wit file and World used for this particular component.
    • If you're working with WebAssembly, we recommend you catch a few of the amazing talks given at WasmCon - particularly Taylor and Bailey's Dreamy Fettuccine talk and Luke Wagner's keynote 'What is a component? (and why?)'
    • You can now see all the wasmCon recordings on the Linux Foundation's YouTube channel.
    • We'll also share some of the highlight talks on Slack.
    • If you have any specific questions around our talks, or would like to learn more, do get in touch.
  • DISCUSSION: Wasifills
    • Check out the recording for the full context as to where Wasifills fit in the overall roadmap.
    • Progress is being made here - we will be landing a few new features in the next few weeks.
    • We are also waiting for Streams and Resources which will prompt (good!) breaking changes.
    • Wasifills RFC requires update but is a good representation of where we are.
    • Why is this important? We need Wasifills to have custom contracts, which is crucial to the Smithy depreciation plan.
    • We also want to depreciate wasmbus RPC and this is also dependent on Wasifills.
    • More to share soon.
  • DISCUSSION: wasmCloud Roadmap
    • Currently working on support for wasi-cloud core interface in wasmCloud.
    • As well as KV and HTTP, there are other wasi-cloud core components that are critical to support - messaging, runtime config, blobstore etc.
    • Latest version of wash does launch the latest rust host!
    • Next: tracking standardized WASI Worlds. - Any questions or suggestions regarding the wasmCloud roadmap, get in touch!


Check out the recording for the wider community discussion.