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2023-08-30 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: Rust host, OTP feature parity
  • DISCUSSION: Rust host initial release, v0.78.0 (R = 18, U = 21, S = 19, T = 20; 18 + 21 + 19 + 20 = 78)
  • DISCUSSION: Roadmap look
  • REMINDER: BACon + WasmCon next week!

Meeting Notes

  • New Community Member!
    • Intro to Yordis Prieto, joining us from Cuba who has been programming for a decade. He has 7 years experience working in Eilxir and React and has a background in fintech -- event-sourcing architecture. He has reached the limit of what he can do in other developer experiences and is now experimenting with wasmCloud. Welcome, Yordis! 🎉
  • DEMO: Rust Host OTP Feature Parity
    • You can see an update in the wasmCloud/wasmCloud repo
    • We have made huge progress along the journey to WITification with a couple of small issues to resolve.
    • The good news is OTP feature parity is almost complete, with the final PR on policy-checking merging shortly.
    • Shout out to Roman, Victor and Connor for getting the Rust OTP host in shape. Amazing work.
    • What does this mean to wasmCloud devs?
      • All this hard work brings backwards compatible experience to wasmCloud when we switch to the Rust host with wash you won't notice any difference when you launch your apps.
      • When you come to launch the Rust host and run wash up, you'll see the options are the same as you would find in the wasmCloud host.
    • We can also leverage the power of Wadm manifests.
    • Crucially, this will allow us to stay close to Wasm standards as they evolve.
    • It also means we can iterate on new functionality quickly, which is the exciting part.
  • DISCUSSION: Rust Host initial release
    • We are now running components - able to use WASI HTTP which is super exciting.
    • When will you be able to use it? We would like to release something that signifies we are making a sig release but it won't yet be 1.0.
    • We will release wasmCloud v0.78.0 - this will be the first release of the Rust host.
    • Rapidly approaching a 1.0 release of wasmCloud, looking primarily at the stability of our SDKs and tooling rather than fundamentals of wasmCloud concepts.
  • Roadmap Review
    • A greatway for you to see where projects are and what's coming up.
    • Roadmap:
    • We are currently working on standardized WASI Worlds - blobstore, http, keyvalue to name a couple.
    • Defining interfaces with WIT - we are a good way along here. Our biggest challenge is wasi-cloud interfaces. There is a lot of work going on upstream in the wasmCloud repos.
  • WasmCon and BACon
    • The schedule is packed for both events and we're super excited to see everyone.
    • Check out the schedule on the WasmCon site and take 30% off tickets with code WasmSponsor30
    • Register for our WebAssembly Workshop at WasmCon 'From Napkin Sketch to Running Your Apps at Scale'
    • Register for the Bytecode Alliance 'Componentize the World' hackathon
    • We're checking on live-streaming details and will update you in Slack.
    • Discussion on docs - agree to review docs per discussions from Justin and Yordis. Thank you for the comments and suggestions.
  • Impromptu WASI tinygo demo
    • Check out the recording to see Jordan demo kvcounter-wasi-go, a wasmCloud TinyGo actor that uses only wasi-keyvalue and wasi-http to run the kvcounter demo, no wasmCloud SDKs. This is the culmination of a ton of hard work by Victor and Jordan to get this actor componentized.


Check out the recording for the full discussion.