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2023-08-23 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: wadm 0.5.0 manifest validation
  • DISCUSSION: wadm 0.5.0 official release, wash 0.20.0 coming soon
  • DISCUSSION: Roadmap update on Rust host OTP parity

Meeting Notes

  • New Community Member - Dave Tessman 👋 Hi, Dave!
  • Discussion - wadm 0.5.0 official release, wash 0.20.0 coming soon
    • Many alphas for wadm means lots of testing and lots of new features: manifest status, manifest validation, multitenant prefixes.
    • What is Wadm? Tool to assist with deploying applications in a declarative manner.
    • Demo - wadm 0.5.0 manifest validation.
    • validation built on top of OAM spec.
    • define components as custom types.
    • specify links values and spreadscaler conditions with custom traits on components.
    • The Demo:
      • valid demo: kvcounter app should access redis and use http server.
      • invalid dupe actor: duplicate actor with same image ref. Prefer not to run multiple components, use spread to control distribution.
      • invalid link manifest: two versions of the same link results in a validation error because they provide conflicting values.
      • invalid dupe provider: two components with the same provider component names, prefer spread scaler.
      • invalid duplicate link name: two providers with the same contract and link name, links can be used to configure providers.
  • Discussion - Roadmap
    • Deamonscaler: adds ability to scale a component (actor/provider) to run X copies on every host that matches the label spec.
    • WASI Preview 2 components is in progress.
    • witify - changing interfaces to use wit IDL - only a few issues to complete.
    • OTP/Rust Host feature parity - more closed than open, lots and lots of progress (s/o to Roman and Connor and Victor).
    • New contributors can help out with good-first-issue label on wash, wasmCloud, wadm repos.
  • Questions
    • Hosted by LinuxFoundation.
    • Workshop by Cosmonic.
    • Talks from Bailey, Liam, Taylor, and Brooks.