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2023-08-09 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: wadm 0.5 feature showcase
  • DISCUSSION: Roadmap update on Rust host and Witify efforts

Meeting Notes

  • Wadm 0.5 Feature Showcase
  • DEMO
    • Demo setup: wash up -d --disable-wadm and then running wadm from the manifest upgrade branch.
    • Wadm is responsible for managing applications in declarative states.
    • In our pet clinic app example you'll see a wadm.yaml - uses the OAM format - using the same standard.
    • In this example, we see 5 different actors laid out as components inc. image ref. and assembled spread scaler trait (allowing you to spread out to more locations - more to come on that!).
    • New feature: Status Updates - allows you to see whether your app fully-deployed, if it's having issues finding available hosts, etc.
    • New feature and fix: manifest upgrades - deploy a new version of an application that has changes. You can update the version in the manifest - and run several replicas of the same instance.
    • In this example, we see the manifest update across 5 separate actors.
    • See the recording for the full demo and discussion.
  • DISCUSSION: Roadmap update on Rust host and Witify efforts
    • Following the publication of the wasmCloud Roadmap, we're keen to make sure you're updated on how we're integrating WASI Standards and priming wasmCloud for the Component Model.
    • Community members have been working on the Rust host - most of the core functionality will be in within the next few weeks.
    • WITify - the effort to change all interfaces to WIT and expressing our logics in actors and providers, based on WIT. We have made great progress here -- Victor has been been scaffolding it out, getting codegen working for providers.
    • Wasifills, multiplexer experiments. Paused whilst some changes within the Wasm community have been ratified.
    • If anyone has any suggestions around the roadmap and issues milestones, feel free to suggest.
  • Wasm Ecosystem
    • Take a look at Golang site Go 0.21, now released with an experimental port for WASI - really exciting development in the Go space.
    • The Bytecode Alliance already organized a Go subgroup in its SIG Guest Languages.
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