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2023-07-26 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: wit provider nats-messaging from Taylor
  • DISCUSSION: wadm wasmCloud introduction, 0.5.0 roadmap

Meeting Notes

  • Status update - moving to WIT
    • Background; we have a new PR in the wasmCloud/wasmCloud repo around capability provider SDKs for Wasm providers - specifically for generating them with wit IDL interfaces.
    • Visit this interesting PR if you want to see the codegen behind the wasmCloud SDK PR.
    • This focus exemplifies our drive from Smithy to wit.
    • If you'd like to see the example of the provider SDK, you can look at Taylor's repo for nats messaging with wit. This is using the new repo for providers. you can take a look and see the messaging contract.
    • Actors can make requests and publish operations.
    • From this wit messaging interface there is a world - we'll cover worlds in future weeks.
    • The real benefit is the new code is really simple - we instantiate a new handler and, for each of the ops you can invoke, there is a trait and the method can be implemented by a specific capability provider.
    • As we move forward, we will look to change wasmCloud 1st party providers.
    • Roman created an issue milestone in the wasmcloud/wasmcloud repo witify. Using all wit contracts for all capability providers and contracts, Roman has outlined a couple of small tasks to get to this milestone.
    • All the functionality of wasi-cloud will be integrated into wasmCloud, and custom contracts will work with wasifills.
    • Watch the recording for a longer discussion on this subject and catch Taylor's demo at the next meeting.
  • DISCUSSION: wadm wasmCloud introduction, 0.5.0 roadmap
    • We started cutting alpha for Wadm 0.5. These are new features that are minor breaking changes so we're cutting an early release.
    • Multi-tenant flag fixes. Multi-tenant mode allows a Wadm instance to monitor multiple lattices.
    • There is a wasmCloud in production guide under the wadm section - talks through the process of working with NATS clusters.
    • Couple of issues we'd like to get into 0.5 release candidate:
      • Logic to validate manifests. When we put a manifest together for a new app we should be able to do some validation within Wadm itself.
      • Dynamic status view: status view is static right now - change to allow us to see if our Wadm app is fully-deployed, failed etc.
      • Support version upgrades: you can't set up an app in Wadm then upgrade your version Wadm...yet. Wadm currently does a simple comparison of public keys and requires manual stop. We'd love for Wadm to be able to handle upgrades.
    • Brooks will have a more fulsome demo in the coming weeks.
    • If you're interested in contributing to Wadm we have a couple of issues that are marked as good first issues.
  • DISCUSSION: Meetups!