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2023-07-19 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO + DISCUSSION: Update on wit-ified providers
  • DISCUSSION: RFCs & ADRs in the wasmCloud org

Meeting Notes

  • DEMO + DISCUSSION: Update on wit-ified providers - Jordan
    • Last week Jordan demoed wash-call -- triggering the actor and the health calls the provider carries out.
    • Soon after, he was able to debug the final msgpack error.
    • We now have, within the wasmCloud OTP host, a provider and actor that are able to communicate using wit-generated contracts - this is a really exciting development.
    • Jordan added an update in Slack: sharing the ping pong example and provider sdks that were moving from Smithy to wit contracts and a small update on next steps.
    • We've created what we call wasifills -- code generation for wit, specifically for wasmCloud, which brings all the encoding/decoding/message pack logic.
    • To do that we had to be able to parse a wit file.
    • The only thing that exists is a wit parser written in Rust that is published on the Bytecode Alliance's github repo - Rust wasn't the preference here.
    • Jordan rewrote most of the wit parser in Go so it becomes a native Go library - all the tests are passing right now (adds ability to remove cgo from equation).
    • Jordan's Go-wit parser:
    • We now have a parser that will allow Jordan to generate wasifills by next week - stay tuned for next week's meeting.
    • Once we have this, we can wrap it in wash -- wash build will be able to see wit files and generate witified code.
    • WIT is a standard within the W3c and WASI working group. It is part of the IDL we're using to define high level interfaces.
    • Recommend catching the recording for the deeper discussion on wasifills, the component model and more.
  • DISCUSSION: RFCs & ADRs in the wasmCloud org - Brooks
    • In response to a question on wasmCloud slack that suggested we could use some more detail on the RFC/ADR process in the wasmCloud org.
    • What's the difference between RFCs and ADRS?
      • RFCs can be of any scope - anything from beginner questions to a large-scale change request.
      • ADRs are more strategic architectural decisions or major infrastructure changes - longer-term commitments.
    • RFCs
      • There have been a ton of exciting RFCs on the wasmCloud side: many from Kevin - detailing many exciting changes in the wasmCloud ecosystem - rust-based host, defining interfaces with wit for example.
      • They should not be difficult to contribute for community members.
      • It should be easy to see where we are.
      • We wrote an RFC about RFCs!.
      • Aim: to provide an easy understanding for visitors as to where we are and encourage people to submit them on their own, even if you have not submitted an RFC before.
      • To make it easy for people to be able to find an accepted RFC for well-defined and scoped features. This in turn should make it easier to deploy new features.
      • We think it should not be an arduous process that focuses on issues.
      • Simple labels for RFCs will help.
    • ADRs
      • Architectural decision logs are saved here in the wasmCloud/wasmCloud repository.
      • Some of them are baseline - using NATS jetstream, committing to distributed capabilities etc.
      • For example: where it comes to communicating across distribution network boundaries - NATS is our formal, recorded option.
    • Discussion in the call spurred an addition to the RFC, where each RFC, when completed, should be closed by submitting an ADR with the decision.