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2023-06-21 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: wasmCloud, Azure Webhooks, and auto-updating OCI URLs
  • DISCUSSION: Secrets in wasmCloud applications
  • DEMO: Interop between WebAssembly Components

Meeting Notes

  • DEMO: wasmCloud, Azure Webhooks, and auto-updating OCI URLs - Brooks
    • We had a problem with the observability of wasmCloud capability providers. In particular, official capability providers and example actors that we publish to Azure Container Registry.
    • The issue? Azure CR does not support unauthenticated dynamic content discovery so it's tricky to track versions.
    • We had a workaround - the Capability Provider Repo and badges. We've been using a dynamic json badge - using their API to provide a custom payload.
    • Issue: Readme in Github - markdown does not have ability to run customer code - no auto-update.
    • Last week we ran with an idea proposed by Jordan: capitalizing on the Azure Container Registry webhook - allows you to call version data after it pushes a new image version to Azure CR.
    • From here we can see the latest information and use the Key-Value contract to save this information in the KV store.
    • We also set up categories in order to fetch all the official capability provider data - name, OCI URL, actors.
    • This gives us a really useful way to make sure our capability providers are truly discoverable.
    • Next: use in wash to dynamically and automatically update the list of capability providers?
  • DEMO: Interop between WebAssembly Components - Bailey
    • As the component model moves towards prime time, Bailey shows us a really powerful demonstration of how we can work across languages with components.
    • In the component model we have a new specification that defines how to cross language boundaries.
    • WASI Preview 2 experimental support for Wasm Components will land in wasmtime's v10.
    • In Bailey's demo, she shows that by taking the wit IDL and passing high level strings means we can work in a couple different languages.
    • Take a look at the recording to see the demo.
  • DISCUSSION: Secrets in wasmCloud applications - All
    • We had a continuation of last week's lively discussion on secrets in wasmCloud apps. Key points (see the recording for the full discussion).
    • Taking a secret whether from an environment variable, app manifest or secret value to run within wasmCloud.
    • Important to differentiate between development environment and production-type environments when choosing secret stores.
    • Vault and variations - relative merits of ecosystem players.
    • wasmCloud not intended to be a secret store - plenty of good, established players.
    • Action: create a series of use cases for testing.
    • Action: Patrick will create a pre-RFC/RFC on secrets management based off of his infrastructure experience.