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2023-06-07 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: wash spy with Taylor!
  • wadm 0.4 release
  • wash 0.18.0 upcoming features + changes
    • Embedded wadm in wash up
    • Flattening CLI commands per RFC 538
    • Updating to BEAM burrito binaries, improved platform portability
  • wasmCloud applies for CNCF incubating status

Meeting Notes

  • Taylor introduces wash spy, which he created to "spy" on an actor that's running in a wasmCloud system.
    • this is behind a WASH_EXPERIMENTAL flag as it's new functionality that we want to prove out that we aren't promising stability on
    • You can spy on an actor by its ID, its name, call alias, or a close match to the name (e.g. kvcounter will match KVCounter)
    • This process is meant to aid the process of distributed debugging
    • As you invoke the actor you're spying on, you will see the requests that invoke that actor or that the actor invokes on its own
    • This works by inspecting link definitions, so at the moment actor-to-actor calls won't be in the first version
  • wadm 0.4 is out now!
    • Requires 0.63.1 of the host
    • Will be included in wash 0.18
    • Notes are available in the README
  • wash 0.18.0 upcoming big changes:
    • wash up will now launch wadm 0.4.0 as a part of startup so you can manage applications declaratively
    • wash up enforces a minimum version of wasmCloud at 0.63.0 with burrito releases because of the new executable instead of a tarball
    • As a part of the command refactor, you'll notice some new top-level commands! These commands are all flattened versions of current subcommands, and all existing commands will continue to work. For example, wash ctl start actor is now available in wash start actor
      • get
      • link
      • start
      • stop
      • push
      • pull
    • The top-level help text will be grouped into sections
  • wasmCloud has officially applied for CNCF incubating status, keep an eye out for updates!