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2023-05-24 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


Meeting Notes

  • DEMO: Wadm Progress & Prep for Release: Taylor
  • Good progress has been made in getting Wadm closer to official release. We expect to release Wadm in the next couple of weeks, depending on bug fixes and e2e tests.
  • We welcome as much feedback as we can get as we near this milestone.
  • This is the first big release. It is pretty feature-complete and you should be able to build real things on top of it.
    • Demo shows significant improvements in stability - no more jitters, it launches instantaneously.
    • Not a fully-tested scenario but you can see providers running on every host.
    • Take a look at the demo section of the recording to see the improvements that have been made.
    • Architecture diagram forthcoming shortly.
    • Next up - e2e testing and release.
    • Docs, resources and deployment guides are now avail in the wasmCloud docs.
    • Link to WADM 0.4 project board
  • RFC: Finding a Smooth Path from Smithy to WIT: Bailey for Kevin
    • This fresh RFC covers the early thinking here and we'd love to hear your thoughts and contributions.
    • Kevin has come up with some of the initial interfaces - wasi-cloud is the intention when stable.
    • Dan Chiarlone and Joe at Deis are working on standardizing wasi-cloud interfaces as we speak.
    • We showed a prototype at Wasmio - take a look if you haven't already seen the talk.
    • This was one of the first examples of showing a component running e2e with WIT interfaces, early was-cloud APIs and running in wasmCloud.
    • We're now able to pick a path and run it down.
  • Community Update: Bailey
    • In the Bytecode Alliance, a ton of progress has been made on the implementation of the Component Model. In particular, we're really starting to land new capabilities in Wasmtime.
    • Wasmtime has the wasi-preview 2 adaptor brought over.
    • We also bring up a couple of high level types - handles and references - which are faster, easier to use and suited to language interoperability.
    • Call for builders will come in June to time with the Wasmtime release.
    • We will bring this over to the wasmCloud host as quickly as we can.