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2023-05-03 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


Meeting Notes

wadm 0.4 release update - Taylor

  • Last week we showed a demo of Wadm working. As usual there has been a lot of activity in the Wadm repo. 0.4.0-alpha.2 includes a few fixes to allow manifests to be less verbose
  • We are working on fixing a few things around status, scaling and algorithms.
  • We're also running e2e tests and updating docs. Thank you to the community for the support.
  • 0.4 release will come after these fixes.
  • You can run Wadm in any style - release page shows we have the archs in there - raw binary. Then in terms of packages we have a docker image, also. Canary and release tags included.
  • Recommend running Wadm through wash app support - recently merged. wash v0.18.0-alpha.1 will be released soon for testing

Cosmonic DevPost hackathon winners - the cool wasmCloud bits - Brooks

  • We'd love to call out some of the submissions that came through and get them contributed as wasmCloud examples.
  • The winner, Dog the Bug Hunter, not only created their own actors but 2 capability providers including their own custom contract for Surreal DB.
  • Our runners up featured two examples of AI engineering in Cosmonic:
    • Dr. Write - makes completing research papers quick and easy by automating the reference attribution process.
    • MeXtension is an AI-powered chat bot, designed to make messaging even more easy! Imagine having in-app messaging translation!

wash command structure rework RFC - Brooks

  • wash has been around for a couple of years and has many breaking changes, We've seen feedback that the subcommands feel complex - wash control, git inventory, guest ID etc - there are a lot of poor subcommand-nested items,
  • Subcommands are not properly contextualized. To resolve this, we put together a short RFC around reworking the command structure.
  • This doesn't change the use of wash but we now have organization around main responsibilities - generate, build, deploy, interact; bootstrapping + managing settings; wasmCloud cache etc,
  • Take a look for yourself at the RFC:, feel free to leave comments.
  • Great feedback from Stephen and Bailey = thank you! Everyone is welcome to comment on this RFC, especially if you've used a tool you really like.

wasmCloud Documentation structure rework - Kevin

  • We needed to make docs more accessible - the user journey currently isn't accessible enough and there was not a clear path through documentation.
  • We've tried to consolidate the various pieces and male sure the detail is where you need it.
  • A progressive build up of knowledge rather than all the detail up front.
  • The idea is this should be the experience of going from hello world to building real applications will be much better.
  • This structure is now live! Check it out
  • Check out the call recording for the brainstorm section of the call.