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2023-04-26 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • (DEMO + DISCUSSION) Wadm, the declarative application format OAM, and where the 0.4.0 release stands
  • (DISCUSSION) wasmCloud builtin numbergen capability, cryptography, generating random bytes
  • KubeCon EU wrap-up, video recording links

Meeting Notes

  • Wadm 0.4 release: reworked and redesigned with Rust and NATS jetstream, now tidy and productionized.
    • Declaratively manage your wasmCloud apps across the lattice.
    • Wadm works alongside wasmCloud across a NATS connection - the same as your wasmCloud.
    • Host surveys the lattice for the entire state of hosts, actors and providers.
    • This means you can define your wasmCloud apps in terms of the open application model (OAM).
    • You can define your version (Wadm supports many) and define a list of components - actors or capability providers.
    • As part of components you can design a specific trait - for example the scale or amount of hosts you want to spread.
    • Also linkdefs come as standard with Wadm to stitch together wasmCloud actors to give configuration.
    • Pushing towards 0.4 release but, yes, you can use it today with the wash support PR.
    • Essentially, this is how folks work with K8s deployments - declaratively say how I want things to work.
  • wasmCloud builtin numbergen capability, cryptography, generating random bytes.
    • Contributions from Stephen generating random bytes into the numbergen builtin.
    • wasmCloud host responsible for generating a random number but are they cryptographically suitable?
    • How we version the interface is still in discussion. The key question is the relationship between builtin numbergen interface application to cryptographically safe random bytes generation.
    • Kevin: interface is designed for 'best effort' functionality, host implementation not necessarily cryptographically random.
    • Same with random numbers - interface gives no guarantee that numbers are cryptographically random.
    • Is it the responsibility of the builtins to give you a cryptographically random number or should we have a separate provider/UI to expose data that is suitable for use in cryptography?
    • wasi-fill approach could be a route to explore. Write your code like you would normally do - when the component runs in wasmCloud we handle the distribution for you.
    • Decided to use careful language indicating random numbers are best effort, and that we don't make guarantees in the interface. Bailey agreed to create an issue to explore adding wasi-crypto support.
  • KubeCon Retro
    • Recognition - 80% of the folks we talked to have heard of Wasm - progress! "Who hasn't?!" said one visitor to the booth.
    • The Wasm side of KubeCon was sold out early and packed to the rafters - shows how fast the server-side ecosystem is growing.
    • The Wasm Day recordings are up - check them out here.
    • Kevin's KubeCon talk still to appear - week or so.