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2023-04-12 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


Meeting Notes

  • wadm progress report
    • wadm is progressing very nicely, with a ton of work going in over the past few weeks into the Rust rewrite + restructure
    • The Actor spread scaler is fully implemented
    • The ability for users to deploy and undeploy manifests is fully implemented
    • Essentially, what's left is managing providers, link definitions, some e2e testing, and integration with wash
  • Golang merging wasip1
    • Exciting news as Golang merges wasip1 support, so you can build WASI modules with GOOS=wasip1 GOARCH=wasm go build, coming in Go 1.21
    • The Wasm support differs slightly from TinyGo but with go 1.22 the support will be the same
    • We'll be closely watching this develop as they formalize the way you import and export functions to see if we can use Go for wasmCloud actors


Recording is being uploaded to YouTube and will be displayed promptly