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2023-03-01 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • (DEMO) cargo nextest and wash integration tests
  • (DEMO) washboard error handling
  • wadm RFC - Addressing comments and requesting more feedback

Meeting Notes

  • Welcome to two new community members, Chuck Fair and Frank Schaffa!
  • cargo nextest is a tool for quicker, more reproducible tests
    • could add some friction in terms of new contributors to install that test runner
    • we've noticed a ton of flakes in PRs that depend on network/IO lately in wash
    • nextest does not run serial tests in the way we do with cargo test, which is a small difference. Instead, we can just add serial tests to a test-group with nextest
    • Roman: Consider constraining nextest to CI, and fix the tests that are flaky, so that we can both take advantage of a better test runner and keep our tests well architected
    • Frank: How common is nextest in other communities / projects?
      • Matt: Well supported and fairly popular, but not present in the most popular projects as far as I know
    • Keep going forward keeping in mind adding another tool is a small barrier and we should make adding the nextest tool as simple as possible
  • washboard error handling
    • Brooks showed a short and sweet demo of a recent PR to the wasmCloud host: by vados-cosmonic
    • Essentially there are a few places in the wasmCloud dashboard that have placeholders for error messages but we opt to put them in the console instead. As we move forward with a better UX for the dashboard, we'll be looking for opportunities to surface these errors in the UI
  • wadm RFC
    • After some great discussion on distributed systems in the wadm RFC:, we sought to leave room for a little more discussion
    • By the next community call we plan to solicit feedback, comments, and questions, before turning this RFC into a set of tasks in a project
    • General discussion followed, see the recording to catch up