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2023-02-15 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • DEMO: wasmCloud devcontainers
  • Upcoming conference overview

Meeting Notes

  • General note: The wasmCloud community members that run the call are all at an offsite in Atlanta so this call featured some fun AV experimentation
  • DEMO
    • We have open PRs into wash and wasmcloud-otp with a devcontainer for developing both of these projects. We aren't quite there to release the built container, but both of these are ready for you to try with devcontainer open!
    • We're looking for proper devcontainer use cases and providing a good experience for developers that use codespaces or just devcontainers to develop in open source
    • Additionally, we are also looking into running our examples in a devcontainer so that users could easily go from looking at the repo to a fully featured example environment
  • Conferences
  • General ranting
    • We talked about devcontainers, nix, guix, haskell, lisp, and more!
    • We also had two new community members, Victor and Roman, introduce themselves