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2023-01-11 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • (DEMO) wasmCloud wazero Go host runtime from Jordan
  • (DEMO) wash 0.14.0 official release overview
  • wasmCloud v0.60.0-rc.1 release & release candidate discussion
  • (did not discuss) wascap 0.9.2 signed modules and compatibility
  • Security overview of wasmCloud

Meeting Notes

  • Jordan demo-ed the tailscale httpserver capability provider with a few extra features, including Tailscale funnel, to securely create public HTTPS endpoints through a tailscale account
  • Jordan then demo-ed the Go-based wasmCloud runtime written on top of wazero, which features enough control interface commands to start an actor and invoke it by using wash call.
    • This capability provider embeds the NATS server binary into the final binary, so it is a single, static, zero dependency binary that can run on armv6l targets and likely even more restricted devices.
    • Community members discussed the impacts of multiple wasmCloud hosts and the benefits of leveraging different technologies as deploy targets to exercise Wasm's benefit of running anywhere
  • Went over the wasmCloud v0.60.0-rc.1 release which included large changes to the supervision tree (internal) and the mechanism of storing link definitions in a NATS key-value bucket. This is a critical breaking change and the release candidate is to allow for more in-depth integration testing before the official release
  • Went over the wash v0.14.0 release and the migration of functionality to wash-lib
  • Whiteboarded some high level points on the many levels of security that applications on wasmCloud go through, with an end goal of putting the output in the wasmCloud documentation wasmCloud security brainstorm sticky diagram