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2022-11-23 Community Meeting

Brooks Townsend


  • (DEMO) wash up with multiple hosts
  • (DEMO) Kafka wasmcloud:messaging Capability Provider
  • Repository organization proposal for wasmCloud organization
  • wasmtime engine migration update

Meeting Notes

  • With some special environment variables, RELEASE_NODE and WASMCLOUD_DASHBOARD_PORT, wash up can run multiple hosts
  • Sample implementation of kafka-compatible pubsub messaging in, compatible with any Kafka-compliant API
  • Organization proposal
    • Merge interfaces, capability providers, and examples into wasmcloud/wasmcloud. The goal would be for better discoverability of what you can do with wasmCloud and to provide a central home for all things useful for wasmCloud developers
    • No action to be taken here quite yet
  • wasmtime is coming along as a reusable Elixir library that's specific for wasmCloud, but can progress independently of the wasmCloud host
  • Discussion on Wasm engines and wasmtime revolved around component model support, and our Elixir library will be able to support different engines once other engines release NIF-compatible SDKs and work well with the component model. This goes towards our goal of running on a variety of devices.


Recording is being uploaded to YouTube and will be displayed promptly