Our mission is to revolutionize the way developers build, operate, and mantain microservices.

Wasmcloud is a revolutionary approach to development leveraging an actor model, pluggable capabilities, a built-in interconnected lattice, and WebAssembly to deliver a simple, boilerplate free developer experience.

  • A stateless, immutable development model enables both dynamic and horizontal on-demand scaling.
  • Incredibly secure. Wasm’s sandboxed, deny-by-default capability model is enhanced through cryptographically enhanced provenance chains.
  • Performant and portable execution with your choice of either JIT’d or interpreted WebAssembly runtimes.
  • Lattice - a self-forming, self-healing mesh network provides a unified, flattened topology across any number of disparate environments, clouds, browsers, or hardware.

Launched in June of


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Our vision: To be the most developer-centric project, where our community can rapidly design, deploy, and maintain secure scalable microservices.

To build the best application runtime we believe that the best ideas, the best implementations, and ultimately the winners of tomorrow are those products that are imagined, designed, built, and tested against the most diverse and inclusive set of opinions, concepts, and scenarios. To that end we believe in adopting the behaviors, principles, and values of an open community to encourage broad types of participation.