How does it Work?

wasmCloud is a platform for writing portable business logic that can run anywhere from the edge to the cloud, that boasts a secure-by-default, boilerplate-free developer experience with rapid feedback loop.

Polyglot Platform

Building on the polyglot power of WebAssembly, you can create actors in AssemblyScript, TinyGo, or Rust.

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Pleasantly Portable

wasmCloud provides a WebAssembly application runtime so you can run your applications everywhere - servers, clients, hosts, IOS, web browsers, IOT or where ever WebAssembly executes.

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Completely Connected

wasmCloud comes out of the box bundled with Lattice - a self-forming, self-healing mesh network that provides a unified, flattened topology across any number of disparate environments, clouds, browsers, or even hardware. No firewalls. No port forwarding. It just works.

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Securely Scalable

wasmCloud embraces a deny by default paradigm - actors are only permitted to access capabilities they have been explicity granted permission to leverage. With wasmCloud, ALL code is untrusted code.

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Rapid Development

wasmCloud leverages contract driven development and an actor model to separate your business logic from implementation. Define your schema and wasmCloud scaffolds your project for you.

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Integrate the capabilities you already use

wasmCloud comes equipped out of the box with many of the most common capabilities you already love to use. Don’t see what you want? No problem, adding new capabilities is easy.

What The Community says

WebAssembly is simplest to work with when it’s supported as part of a platform, like the CLI in Wasmcloud - The New Stack